Bruce Timms on Building a Better Niagara! Building prosperity for all of Niagara

Building a Better, Stronger Niagara

Niagara, one voice one Team, 12 players.  The Team where every player is respected and Valued is the Team that wins. Niagara needs to be a Team that competes to win jobs , investment and prosperity.

Streamline Regional Government (with the Double Direct model) *** see website or youtube video
• Reduce number of politicians from Mayor plus 18 to Mayor plus 12 for next election
• 6 of 12 City councillors will serve as both Region and City Councillor; Double Direct
• Better communication and cooperation between the City and the Region, and City to City
• Better teamwork among the 12 cities and towns of Niagara

"The Halton model is simply described as 

1) A directly elected Regional Chair and 
2) Some or all of a City's City Councillors do double duty and sit at the Regional Council as well as City Council. 

Niagara voters should elect the Regional Chair at large. Voters from Fort Erie to Grimsby , across the entire Region should have vote on who the next Chair will be.

Candidates will have to present a vision and demonstrate leadership to the voters across the entire Niagara Region. The Double duty directly elected city/regional councillor will have a seat and a vote.......

They have a seat and a vote at both City and Regional Councils. The Mayors also sit at Regional Council as they do now in Niagara. This model has the advantage of integrating St.Catharines City Council and all 12 city councils with Regional Council. It has the added advantage of building connections between the 12 city councils through the double duty councillors sitting together at Regional Council and its various committees.

After 40 years, it is time to improve the governance model of Niagara, to focus on the team of 12 communities, to get rid of the structured separation into two tiers and create Regional/Local Councillors with a good understanding of each municipalities’ challenges along with those of the Region. It has worked well when the Region’s joint committees include local city councilors — both Region and municipality sitting around the table together working out common problems.
Please check the Halton Region model through the Halton web site and a similar model in Durham Region at

Defend the Taxpayer from broken arbitration system

Build a better Regional Transit system to support GO Rail service

• Better intercity transit brings the 12 cities and towns closer together
• Better job mobility and opportunity
• Better access to GO Rail

Demand a better Seaway deal for Niagara

  • Government of Canada needs to include the interests of Niagara communities in the new Seaway Management Deal
  • Current Seaway Management contract expires in 2018, start talks now
  • Including a guarantee of GO Rail scheduled crossings at Lock 4

Please view the following videos of Bruce presenting these ideas to St.Catharines City Council and the questions and answer videos that follow. These are unedited videos of public presentations at St.Catharines City Council"

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