Thank You!

“Thank-you for your support over the years. I accept and respect the wisdom of the voter. I was honoured to have served so many years, we achieved a lot progress for Niagara, most significantly the Commitment for GO Rail to St.Catharines and Niagara Falls by 2023.

We established the 3 City Transit collaboration that will lead to a strong public transit network for Niagara.

We saved the Port Robinson Ferry on the Greater Niagara Circle Route through a partnership with the City of Thorold.

We saved the Niagara Gateway Tourism Kiosk through a partnership between the Region , TPN and West Niagara Tourism Association

The most important issue for the new council is the restructuring of the Region, either by Council or by the Provincial Government. Council should offer a made in Niagara solution before we get a Queens Park solution.

We can all continue building a better Niagara, I will continue to do my best as a citizen and taxpayer Building a Better Niagara for all of us.

Poll Results: Thank you for participating!

We have filtered out any multiple responses from the same source and recognize the survey is not “scientific”. The result of 75% for chair at large is similar to the Durham Region referendum result of 2010. The new council has an opportunity to make that change early in this term. The Double duty change may take more time and survey shows mixed results on that issue.

Thanks again for participating, I wish the new council success in Building a Better Niagara.

Here are the results:

1. Do you want an election of the Regional Chair (with any Niagara resident eligible to run) by all the voters of Niagara?

YES: 575 (75%)
NO: 147 (19%)
DON'T KNOW: 49 (6%)

2. Do you support a single City of Niagara, as opposed to the current 12 individual municipalities?

YES: 316 (41%)
NO: 406 (53%) DON'T KNOW: 49 (6%)

3. Do you support City Councillors replacing the Regional Councillors at Regional Council?

YES: 381 (49%)
NO: 297 (39%) DON'T KNOW: 93 (12%)

4. Do you support Double Duty Councillors (i.e., serving as both City and Regional Councillors), elected by Ward, at Regional Council?

YES: 342 (44%)
NO: 375 (49%) DON'T KNOW: 54 (7%)

Re-Elect Bruce Timms - Niagara Regional Councillor.

Building a Better, Stronger Niagara by Restructuring the Region!

  • Elect the Regional Chair at large next election 

  • Streamline the region , less two tier more Team Niagara , replace the 4th layer of politicians with Double direct City Councilors at the region 

  • View my video explaining how it works
  • Negotiate a better Seaway deal for Niagara with the Federal Government 

  • Restore the Waterfront Investment Program to its original purpose; acquiring lakefront property to provide for public beach access 

  • Create a stronger Niagara Tourism Strategy, including the 5 scenic drives of Niagara; Lake Ontario Waterfront Drive, Welland Canals Parkway, Wine Route, Niagara River Parkway and the South Coast Lake Erie Drive 

  • Defend the taxpayer from an unbalanced arbitration system with key Regional public services.

“After 40 years, it is time to improve the governance model of Niagara, to get rid of the structured separation into two tiers, to focus on the team of 12 communities with Regional/Local Councillors that understand the needs and challenges of local Councils along with those of our Region overall. This will be my Top Priority next term. Less Two Tier, More Team Niagara.”, said Timms.

What We've Accomplished so Far

For the Region - What we did right this term:

  • GO Rail to St.Catharines and Niagara Falls by 2023 commitment from Wynne Government and Ford Government
  • New official plan for new GO Rail station area in Western Hill St.Catharines
  • Region and 5 Canal cities joint participating in Federal Government Consultation for a Better Seaway Deal for Niagara
  • 85 new affordable housing units under construction on Carlton St. St.Catharines
  • Secured site and funding for new Downtown Police Station
  • Secured Port Robinson Ferry operation plan and funding on the Greater Niagara Circle Route
  • Secured 5 year plan for NIagara Gateway Tourism info center at Grimsby, Casablanca, next to the Grimsby GO Rail station site
  • Three City Tansit Commissions work with Region to establish a Pan-Niagara Transit network. And secured $148 M transit funding
  • Secured Canada Games 2021 for Niagara
  • Tax increases kept under 2%

For the NPCA - what we did right:

  • Made Hamilton pay its fair share of the Tax levy
  • Received stop work authority under new Conservation Authorities
  • Aquired first new Lake Erie Beach front in many years
  • Great partnerships with DSBN at Woodend and RCS BN at St.Johns Conservation area
  • Camping and recreation Conservation areas have been brought out of the red and very near self funding operational status
  • Welland River Flood plain mapping revisited and Policy Review Completed
  • Secured funding for flood plain mapping in St.Catharines Walkers Creek and Richardsons creek

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